Turkey Tortilla Soup.

Last week, His Lordship and I made our annual pilgrimage along the Northeast Corridor for Thanksgiving.

Our first stop was in Baltimore, where we gallivanted with long-lost friends from both coasts.

Much food, and wine, and cheese were had.

Our next destination was Northern Virginia.

We shook up our normal Turkey Day routine by changing the location to Red’s Table, a glorious new restaurant co-owned by His Lordship’s step-brothers.

So, after casual appetizers at the house, we ventured to Red’s and ate our weight in turkey, stuffing, and butter-laced mashed potatoes.

Pre-dinner snack of buffalo wing dip. AKA, 'Portrait of Health.'

Pre-dinner snack of buffalo wing dip. AKA, ‘Portrait of Health.’

On Saturday, we returned to Manhattan with a lot of extra poundage: a solid five pounds of extra turkey.

I know what you’re thinking.

‘Abbe, you’re the Sandwich Queen! Turkey sandwiches for days! #SandwichSunday’

Yes, five pounds of turkey would make several, several glorious turkey sandwiches.

But as I’d already eaten at least two post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches, I needed to change it up.

And much soup was had.

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday as much as we did.


Turkey Tortilla Soup
Serves 4-6

extra-virgin olive oil
1 med. yellow onion, diced
2 lg. garlic cloves, minced
1 jalapeño pepper, seeded and finely diced
kosher salt
black pepper, freshly ground
1 lime, juiced
1 tsp. cumin
½ tsp. smoked paprika
½ tsp. crushed red pepper
2 bay leaves
26 oz. diced tomatoes and their juices
4 cups chicken stock
handful of cilantro leaves, plus more for serving
2-3 cups cooked turkey, white and dark meat, chopped or shredded
tortilla strips, for serving
diced avocado, for serving
cotija cheese or ricotta salata, for serving


In large soup or stock pot over low heat, add 2-3 Tbsps olive oil; add onion, cloves, and pepper; season with salt and pepper; sweat 8-10 minutes, letting flavors develop; add lime juice, cumin, paprika, red pepper, and bay leaves; cook 2 minutes longer; add tomatoes, chicken stock and cilantro; bring to a boil and reduce; simmer for 10-15 minutes; add turkey; simmer 5 more minutes; season to taste; serve immediately with desired accompaniments.


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