Wrap It Up: We Ain’t The Griswolds.

We made it through another Christmas in the city—and dare I say—it might have been the best yet. Nope, no ailments, injuries, or cat electrocutions à la Griswold kept us from making merry.

So, let’s wrap it up:

Restaurant Recommendation of the Week: Shun Lee Cafe and Sfoglia. Yes, there are two. A Lewis (and Jewish) tradition, we venture out for Chinese food for Christmas dinner. The dim sum at Shun Lee Cafe is pretty outstanding, as is their a la carte options. (Ants Climb On Tree! It’s a delicious thing!) His Lordship and I have been itching to eat at Sfoglia for quite some time and thought it would be a great spot for my folks’ last night out in the city. Yep, we nailed it.

No. of Miles Run: My calculations show that the grand total from Tuesday through Saturday is 18.36. That’s right, we’re in spring training, folks. Yes, there were leisurely jaunts, like our annual run to the tree at Rockefeller Center. Saturday’s run consisted of five miles at marathon goal pace (8:00). I laced up my new kicks (thanks, parents!) and set my Garmin in Interval mode so I could run based on feel to see where I am at week 3 of training. Here’s how it turned out:

Again, Sfoglia #nailedit.

Thanks, Sfoglia.

Christmas Movies Tackled: Home Alone (a Lewis Christmas Eve tradition), Christmas Vacation, Elf, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. (Happy 50th, Rudy!)

No. of Cat Toys Received: 1,000,000,000. George > the Bakers.

Kinvaras are not cat toys.

Kinvaras are not cat toys.

That about wraps it up. Cheers to my folks for another fabulous whirlwind staycation.

Happy holidays, all!


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