On a recent lunch date with a friend, I had a conversation. (As one does.)

It went something like this:

Friend: So what have you been doing during the day?
Me: Well, I’m tackling things on a bucket list I made of things I’d like to do in New York and things I’d like to do at home.
Friend: Such as?
Me: Gravlax!
Friend: ::chuckling:: You made gravlax?
Me: Yeah! I mean… I’ve got time.

It’s true. I’ve got oodles of it. (Spoiler alert: still unemployed.)

And seeing as how His Lordship ate cured fish nearly every morning for breakfast on our honeymoon, I decided to make some gravlax for weekend breakfast and lunches.

Gravlax uses a dry cure (another method of food preservation), and like brining (a liquid cure), it uses a boatload of salt which is rubbed all over the meat or fish and left to sit for a specific period of time. And, like brining, it’s stupid easy. And since I’ve got the aforementioned extra time, why not?

To boot, making your own is more cost effective than purchasing it in the grocery store.



1.5 lbs. piece wild Atlantic salmon, cleaned of scales and pin bones removed
1/4 cup kosher salt
1 Tbsp. granulated sugar
1 Tbsp. Soju**
1 Tbsp. lemon zest, grated
1/2 tsp. white pepper, freshly ground
1 handful dill, roughly chopped

1. Mix salt and sugar together; reserve.
2. Arrange salmon on piece of plastic wrap placed on top of piece of aluminum foil; rub salt/sugar mix evenly all over salmon; wrap salmon tightly in plastic wrap, followed by foil; place in refrigerator overnight; unwrap salmon; rinse salmon under cold water to remove any excess salt or liquid; pat dry with paper towels; rub soju evenly all over salmon; sprinkle with lemon zest and white pepper; cover with fresh herbs; rewrap in plastic wrap and foil; place on tray in refrigerator and top with another tray; weigh down with weight to tighten the fillet; refrigerate for at least two hours; remove from plastic wrap and foil; rinse off dill; slice thinly with sharp slicing knife; serve.

I may have time, but not enough time to take the skin off in the midst of one hungry husband.

I may have time, but not enough to take the skin off when dealing with one hungry husband. I suggest removing the skin before slicing. Or don’t. Whatever.

**Soju can be purchased at your local liquor store.


4 responses to “Gravlax.

  1. What is Soju? I thought the stars would indicate a secret explanation was forthcoming, but maybe they just mean Soju** is like The Artist Formerly Known as Prince and has some punctuation in its name.

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