Why Brining Is Baller.

During this particular time of year, the Bakers (hey! that’s both of us!) tend to host a Friendsgiving of sorts for various friends and family.

And instead of roasting a whole turkey in my Manhattan apartment, I brine a couple of turkey breasts.

For those unaware, a brine is a salt water solution used to soak proteins prior to cooking, making the meat much more moist and tender. (Apologies to those people who hate the word “moist”.) You can also add in several dried spices to flavor the protein.

I like to brine a turkey breast for at least one whole day—it’s almost a foolproof way to make sure you don’t serve any dry meat to guests.

And if you’re lucky, you’ll have leftovers for delicious sandwiches.


This certainly does not equate to running 6.5 miles, but just go with it.

So make a brining solution, or if you’re lazy, head to Williams-Sonoma where they have some for sale. (Thanks, Mom!)

And good luck to all those taking charge in the kitchen this turkey day!

A Tip From Abbe Lew: Serious Eats wrote an in-depth write-up on the need-to-knows of brining.


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