Recap: Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff 5M.

Or, to put it simply, “That time I completely forgot how to race.”

Because that’s what happened.

I woke up late on Sunday morning, and really wasn’t feeling it.

“What do you want to do today? 7:30s?” asked His Husbandship.

“I don’t know. I sort of don’t want to do anything.”

“Just go out there and slog through it if you have to. You have to do it for the marathon.”

Curses. He was correct. (For once.) I had already completed seven of the nine races for a guaranteed entry into the 2015 New York City Marathon. What was one more five mile loop of Central Park?

Then I got amped up. I started thinking about how I really wanted a good race. I had been getting faster and really wanted to prove myself. (To myself… because the one who’s toughest on me is me. And maybe my Dad. #favoritedaughter #onlydaughter)

I warmed up to the start, which was just over a mile. I grew less excited when I realized my quads were on fire—a souvenir from taking care of our friends’ twins on Friday night.

I arrived at the start with five minutes to spare. The crowd was thinner than normal, no doubt because most people are doing the big show on Sunday.

As per usual, I waited for the gun to go off, telling myself to take it easy for the first mile. And as per usual, I went out too fast.

And just before reaching the first mile marker, my Garmin ticked off.

Apparently I had done a fair amount of swerving. (Always the overachiever.)

My legs clicked in for the second mile, and I thought I could hold hold the pace through the finish.


That third mile was a bitch. I was completely zonked, and wanted to exit at 90th street to crawl back into bed. (Spoiler alert: I didn’t.)

The race now became a game of me staying under an 8:00 pace and finishing the eight out of nine.


Seriously, PERFECT running weather. I didn’t even need those arm sleeves.

The actual results are as follows:



New York Road Runners also states I finished in 39:37, but the race was only 5 miles, not 5.11. This drops my pace back to a 7:57 (and not 7:45), and makes me loathe myself for using so much energy to weave right out the gate.

One more to go—a 5K on Saturday.

And seeing as how I’ve only run the dreaded 5K in the dreaded heat, I couldn’t be more excited.

Vengeance will be mine. At last.


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