Recap: 2014 FI5K Run For Rose.

Previously at the Fire Island 5K Run For Rose, I PR’d and placed third in my age group.

I was ecstatic.

Fast forward to this past weekend, where my comrades and I returned to the scene of the crime. While it was a fabulous weekend with picture perfect weather, I was nervous about the race, and if I could come in victorious third AG once again.

Throughout the weekend, I scanned the crowds for my female competition, but to no avail. Instead, Brian and I talked shit to one another, and I made him my number one target and enemy for Sunday’s race.

The 10:30 start time makes for a warm race. But we’ll get to that.

We went for a light jog prior to the start. I told His Lordship I would play it safe and (hopefully) drop the hammer for the final mile. He agreed it was a fine tactic.

I cooled off with some cold water which were situated next to the corrals. And then we lined up.

A large number of very fit and fast looking female athletes—including the first female finisher of the 2014 Long Island Marathon—approached the start. I suddenly thought about how fast I would have to go to keep up and wondered where these ladies had been hiding all weekend.

The gun went off and so was I—a bit faster than I intended. I slowed down to find a pace that was reasonable enough to hold on for three miles without completely falling apart.

Brian passed me a quarter mile in. He and I were quite competitive the night before over several beverages. Luckily, my competitive nature didn’t rear its ugly head and I stuck to my guns.

Mile 1: 7:16

Although the course changed slightly, it was still flat, and still hot.

I think this is the first time I've ever run the tangents correctly.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever run the tangents correctly.

Right before we turned left onto Bayview Avenue, I saw one of the girls from the first corral slowing to a stop. I tried giving her encouragement as I passed her. I’m not sure it helped.

I took some water at the lone aid station and dumped it on my head. I felt my legs slowing, no doubt from the climbing temperatures.

At this point I kept my sights on two people: Brian and a female who was holding a pace slightly better than I.

Mile 2: 7:31

Shortly after the mile 2 marker, I passed my comrade Jim, followed by the girl I had been pacing. Jim’s cheer gave me a boost, and I set my sights on Brian up ahead.

The whole “dropping the hammer” thing didn’t really go as planned as my legs felt like jello and the increasing heat brought on my puke threshold.

I promise my feet are moving.

I promise my feet are moving.

At this point, I wondered where I was in the pack of females, and if I had enough juice to PR.

Brian was within reach as we turned left onto Coyuga Street.

I passed the 200M To Go sign and checked my watch. I picked up the pace and thought I could PR.

I made the final left onto Bay View Walk and saw the finish line, and it looked to be a lot further than 200 meters. The girl who I had passed at mile 2 flew by me like a bolt of lightning, earning herself 8th overall female.

Mile 3: 7:28
Mile .14: 6:27
Summary: 23:07 (7:22)


I ran almost directly into Brian and congratulated him on beating me (this time).

My puke threshold was imminent. I grabbed water, took deep breaths, and walked for awhile. The girl who passed me was doing the same, and we started chatting. I congratulated her and thanked her for giving me the boost I needed.

While I didn’t PR and didn’t place, I was still happy with my effort.

And any race that doesn’t involve me vomiting or soiling myself is a solid day in my book.

My friends were also happy with how they raced—two of them even brought back hardware after placing in their age groups.

See you next year, FI.

I’ll be back with a vengeance.



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