Alright, May, Let’s Do This.

And so, we’re at it again. The first in a series of weekends that involve traveling and/or entertaining NYC stayers, and I have to say, though daunting as these series of weekends tend to be, I’m quite excited to get May–nay, THE PARTY–started.**

This weekend’s agenda includes sun and surf by way of paddle boarding, and hopefully lots of foods donning a tortilla fashion, and all of the wine. All of it.

But first, I have to venture out to the Newark airport, and, though I’ve been instructed to take a shuttle from Grand Central Terminal (construction on the AirTran began yesterday), the other half of the Lewis-baker dynamic duo has “read up on it” and states that “it sucks.”

On to vacation! …Here’s hoping I can get to it.

**This editor is quite upset that the iPhone hasnt figured out how to add the Em-dash.


3 responses to “Alright, May, Let’s Do This.

  1. Hope your trip went well! I specifically chose a flight not out of Newark so I didn’t have to deal with the shuttle. However, my red eye takes me back into Newark, so I’m sure that will be fun at 6:30am after a cross country flight…oops.

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