On The No Leash Law.

For those unaware, there is a no leash law in parts of Central Park between dawn to 9:00 a.m. everyday. So for those raising pups in the City (and that’s your prerogative), this brings a fair option for exercise.

One of the more crowded no leash law spots in the park is the Great Lawn, which also happens to be fine place to do speed work. However, if I’m out between those no leash hours, I tend to stray away to let those dogs have he time of their life.

Fast forward to today’s workout, where I had fartleks on the training docket. Regardless of the pending rain, several runners were out enjoying the warm humidity, I being one of them. When my legs grew tired after my third mile, I cut into the Great Lawn to give myself a break.

And, as they should be, several dogs were out and about, even some running with their owners.

Then, halfway through my lap, a poodle started chasing after me while barking its head off.

As this has never happened to me before, I threw my hands up and shouted, “WHOA!”

The dog’s owner, we’ll call him Charlie, said the following:

“Maggie. Come.”

Oh Charlie, how poised and eloquent you are at 7:30 in the morning! Thanks for teaching Maggie a lesson.

Unfortunately for me, Maggie didn’t listen and instead continued charging at me.

I shouted obscenities. A fellow runner running with her small terrier or sorts stared at me, horrified.

Finally, Maggie vanished.

I ran to the bridle path, feeling waves of fury.

Now before you get all judgy, I want to make this clear: I love dogs. I really do.

I’ve been lucky enough to have a couple of dogs in my life.

Me and my pal Becky, dressed up for Halloween.

Me and my pal Becky, dressed up for Halloween.

And I generally think dogs love me, too. I’ve even gotten comments from friends on how many city dogs walk up to me for some kind of attention.

But if you’re going to have a dog in New York City (again, your prerogative), then your dog should be well equipped to handle hoards of people.

And, if there is any chance of your dog attacking someone—whether they’re running or not—then FOR FUCK SAKE, put them on a leash. You don’t get the glory of partaking in the no leash law.



2 responses to “On The No Leash Law.

  1. I’m impressed by how well behaved most dogs in NYC are…I still move to the opposite side of the sidewalk when I see one coming, and most of them time they don’t even make moves. When I was running in Florida, I jumped when a dog barked me since it had been so long! But yes, if a dog can’t behave itself, it shouldn’t be off the leash.

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