Game On?

It’s race week.

I say this with a little apprehension, as I didn’t know if His Lordship and I would actually be running the Reston Marathon at all until last night. Truthfully, I’m not enthralled. Even though my comrade (who ran on cobblestones and torrential downpour in Rome yesterday and finished in 3:58) and I have nailed our tempo Thursdays and I’ve had a couple of great decent long runs, I don’t feel like I’m in shape to run a marathon, and not just physically. My mind has been focused on several other things the past several weeks, and the only thing to take my mind off said things was to propel into my training. But I have to wonder, can I use the same tactic for a full marathon?

Nevertheless, I’ll be in the burbs of Northern Virginia this weekend, and hopefully not slogging through my 6th attempt at 26.2.

So I guess, game on?



One response to “Game On?

  1. Your training and focus will all come back to you. As with snowboarding, it’s like riding a bike…or running a marathon.

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