Wrap It Up: Cross-Training Adventures in Montana.

So, Big Sky, we meet again.

And not a moment too soon, as my training fatigue had most certainly set in.

And while this training season has had it’s highs and lows (tempo workouts, bam!; long runs, whoops I went glamping in Virginia backcountry), I’ve been excited to get out of the running/cycling routine for one of my most favorite activities: snowboarding. I couldn’t have been more excited to spend a week long vacation with my family where I hope will be my retirement land (surprise, fiancé!).

It’s been two years since my last visit to the Rockies, and it was like riding a bike… If your bike was a snowboard, I mean. To track all of my progress, I used a nifty app that Jon suggested called Alpine Replay. Truthfully, it’s pretty cool—it responds like Google or Facebook in that it knows EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE AT ALL TIMES. However, it’s a real pain to continually get out your phone to press the resume button (which I forgot to do half the time). Perhaps I’m not doing this right?

I'm also quite positive that the "rest time" is way off, but whatever.

I’m also quite positive that the “rest time” is way off, but whatever.

After two days of “shredding the pow pow,” His Lordship and I took a rest day and took our first stab at snowshoeing. The forecast was slated for “overcast skies and brief periods of snow showers with 2-3 inches accumulation.”

No, not a yeti. Just Baker.

No, not a yeti. Just Baker.

Snowshoeing, while pleasant, is extremely difficult. After only a half hour on Moose Tracks Trail, I felt sweat pouring down my spine. At this point on the trail, we were in the midst of silence and falling snow. It was truly spectacular, regardless of my buckets of sweat and need for water.

Somewhere in the woods, we got scared of pending grizzly attacks and turned around. The snow picked up and the wind was at our face. Upon our return to the village base, I grabbed a water and scarfed down a Clif bar. We had been snowshoeing for just over an hour and I felt like I had just completed a series of sprints in the dead of summer.

Needless to say, the remainder of the day was spent eating various nachos and drinking pints of Guinness (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!).

Looking back at the forecast, the local weatherman should either endure a swift kick in the pants or unemployment. Mother Nature greeted Big Sky with a blizzard, complete with whiteout conditions and 12-14 inches of heavy, wet snow.

(Lucky for us, Dave Lew wanted to celebrate St. Pat’s Day by visiting Lone Peak Brewery, located in Downtown Big Sky.)

Thanks for driving, Dad!

Thanks for driving, Dad!

Also lucky for us, our final day of boarding consisted of powdery slopes.


It's like riding on pillows.

It’s like riding on pillows.

And so, here we are back in New York with coffee in hand, a stiff neck, and sore muscles.

I’m hoping some (or all) of this cross-training counts toward some type of long run.


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