Treadmill vs. Lewis. Round 2.

Wednesday’s workout: Hill Repeats on Cat HIll

Seeing as how we were in the single digits on Tuesday, I decided to wait until Wednesday evening to hit Cat Hill for my series of hill repeats.

So before I left work on Wednesday, I checked to see what the forecast foretold. Lo and behold, it said it “felt like” 16˚F.

Ah, Treadmill, we meet again.

Luckily, I brought my gym bag to the office should the temperatures not reach above the teens. Also luckily, I brought my iPod shuffle to block out all crap music overheard throughout the cardio area.

I set the treadmill at a reasonable level on the “Hill” workout, with a timer set for 35 minutes (Please note, there is a sticker on every piece of cardio equipment begging patrons not to use them past 30 minutes. It appears I’m a rule breaker, but only a little bit.)

And so I started.

I stared blankly into the black television screen while jamming my drum and bass.

Ten minutes took an eternity.

But shortly after that 10 minute mark, I got more in the zone, and the next 15 minutes flew by.

And even though the last 10 minutes took another eternity, I was so excited with myself for performing hill repeats on a treadmill (well, only half the workout, I switched to manual after 18 minutes), that I didn’t care (I really did, but just go with it).


A new treadmill PR! Which means His Lordship owes me a free lunch!

Take that, Treadmill, you son of a bitch!

(Also, Treadmill, please don’t hurt me should we meet again.)



3 responses to “Treadmill vs. Lewis. Round 2.

  1. I laugh at almost every one of your posts. Can I suggest a treadmill workout for you (I have a love/ hate with this particular workout)…10 minute warmup for you to stare blankly into a blank screen and collect your thoughts and hatred of the treadmill. And then you begin the following rep scheme: 5 minutes at slightly slower than average pace; 4 minutes at slightly faster than average pace; 2 minutes at 5k pace; 1 minute at your 400m pace. And repeat. 2-3 times. Brutal workout. Excellent for teaching your body the different zones you’ll call on during training.

    Thanks for making me laugh on this frigid Thursday morning. And give Cat Hill a high five for me next time you go by. One of the best hills in NYC for repeats..

    • My eyes and legs hurt just reading that. Should I run on the dreadmill again, I will give this workout a try. Thanks so much! And happy Thursday to you, friend!

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