Looking Back.

Last night, at approximately 2:30 a.m., I got to pondering about the year of 2013.

Because one can only ponder about life’s highs and lows while laying on the bathroom floor with what only feels like two imps sword-fighting in your stomach.

Truthfully, I’m pretty done with 2013.

The year started off grand (see Engagement), but as the year progressed, that woeful stress of mine started toying with me and my emotions, and through the most seemingly mind-numbing activities, I would have panic attacks.

I told myself that I would live this year with minor stress.

And while many grand things happened, I couldn’t shake the negative.

As a personal note to myself (because if we write it down, we’ll remember to do it right?), I’ll joyously ring in 2014, and leave those pesky negatives at year’s end.

With that, I leave you a photo of Astor, who slept with me in the bathroom among all the evil-doings.

Thanks, cat friend.

Thanks, cat friend.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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