The Return To Taper Town.

It’s sunny and cool here in Taper Town (finally).

Typically during the two weeks prior to the marathon, I endure taper madness, which includes (and is not limited to) over-eating decadent indulgences (the plate of my copy editor’s famous cookies are rapidly depleting), bouts of sadness and/or anger, calculating and then recalculating my marathon playlist (I must make sure this tune is playing along the Queensboro Bridge), and not sleeping. And when there is sleeping, it’s restless and filled with marathon nightmares.

Some are worse than others.

Some are worse than others. (Apologies for you actually having to click through to read the conversation.

Rewinding back to the two weeks before Wineglass marathon, and I had those same feelings.

Thankfully (keeping my fingers crossed), I haven’t had too much of that this go ‘round.

The morning after Wineglass, I woke up with a sore arch in my left foot (again, Lefty Lew, for all-intensive purposes). After a week of dealing with uncooperative Lefty Lew, I went to physical therapy. And, after a series of ART and stimulation to heal my plantar fascia and inflamed tendon, I ventured out for my first run two weeks after my marathon. I ran a total of 4.5 miles (with a few pit stops to visit with friends) and felt invincible.

The next day, I told the fabulous running tale to my PT. Feeling powerful, I went for a run that night.

Two steps forward, and a screeching halt.

Perhaps I was sore from my physical therapy, or perhaps I wasn’t quite healed. Either way, another week went by with no running.

Last weekend, while visiting with family and friends in North Carolina, I was asked about the upcoming marathon. I was truthful in saying I was 50-50. At that point, my only concern was healing my foot so I could run anything again.

We arrived home on Sunday afternoon, and I told his Lordship that, if my run attempt on Monday morning failed, I would bow out from the New York City Marathon. A weight was lifted off my shoulders, and I thought to myself, ‘It’s not all bad, Abbe Lew. Go eat that cheeseburger you’ve been wanting since Wineglass.’

Then, on Monday morning, I went out to the reservoir. I ran one loop. I still felt no pain so I decided to run another loop.

The decision has been made.

And even though the last three full weeks only featured two 4-milers, a failed 5-miler, and hours of yoga, stretching, and foam rolling, the normal taper madness hasn’t settled in. Perhaps I’m just excited to go out there and toe the line, or that I get to run the marathon I’ve been so anxiously awaiting to run for the past three years.

Either way, I’m so looking forward to it.


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