Why I Decided Not To Tell Anyone I Was Running A Marathon.

Jesus, that’s a long title.

Truth be told, I thought long and hard about this. When I signed up for the Wineglass Marathon in the spring with a dear friend who suggested the idea of pacing me, I decided to keep the business to myself in an effort to keep my anxiety down.

Also, people don’t need to know all your business. (But Abbe Lew, this is your blog! You’re telling people your business!) I know, and I get it. However, in the running world, a common conversation starter is, “What are you training for?” And I’m sorry, sometimes writing all the progression of how far you’ve come in your training for that big day where you’re trying to BQ doesn’t need to be out in the open. That’s a lot of pressure.

A marathon is a personal endeavor, and when you get to thinking about those people you love wondering what happened to you at mile 13 when they see your pace fall can be added stress. And for the longest time, very few people knew. I finally broke down and told my parents last Thursday, lest they receive a phone call from His Lordship or the Corning police telling them my whereabouts.

Did it calm my nerves? In the beginning, yes. My goal was to qualify for Boston, meaning I’d have to run a 3:35 or better. And as training season progressed—and my speed did not—I decided that the odds were against me. Instead of bailing altogether, His Lordship and my pacing guru suggested this race be another long training run gearing up for New York. So I decided to run it.

However, one thing I did learn by keeping my mouth shut, is that it made it so easy to bail. ‘Oh, no one knows I’m driving across the state to run a marathon tomorrow? Thanks, bartender, I’ll have another round.’

I also learned that if you pee yourself instead of visiting a porta potty, you can lead yourself to a PR.

That, and having your pacing pal scream at you for 13 miles.

And this is why the shoes are on the fire escape. Woof.

And this is why the shoes are on the fire escape. Woof.

But that’s another story for another day.


6 responses to “Why I Decided Not To Tell Anyone I Was Running A Marathon.

  1. I can’t believe you didn’t even tell your parents!! That’s a long time to keep a secret! It was a rough one out there, friend. Nice work and so glad we got to hang 🙂 NYCM here we come!

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