Hello, October.

I love the month of October.

Perhaps it’s because it truly feels like fall (minus this week, with temperatures nearing 80˚F).

Perhaps it’s because it’s my birth month (gifts from selfless friends welcome).

Whatever the case, October is generally a time where my stress level takes a short dip, leaving me much more relaxed and less anxious. Psychological or no, I breathe a great sigh of relief when the calendar reaches October 1, and I start focusing my time and energy on doing things for me (sorry, I’m not sorry).

To kick off Rocktober, I went for an easy jaunt around Central Park sans headphones and my Garmin. And despite the smell of stale horses along the 72nd Street transverse, the run was exactly what I needed. No frills, no speed, just me and my thoughts in my backyard.

And those thoughts, added with a recent conversation with a fellow running concierge, led me to something: should I, or should I not race with my Garmin? Us data junkies love the Garmin and the accomplishments (or failures) after a training run. But what I’ve come to notice, is that it gives me great anxiety come race day, and I spend more time looking at my watch (even if I tell myself not to), than listening to my form and feet.

This is something I’m greatly considering. And while I sit on the fence with devil and angel on my shoulders (okay, it’s not that dramatic), the clock is ticking.

…Get it?


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