Wrap It Up: Washington, D.C.

Imma cut to the chase: last weekend was exactly what I needed.

When my dear friends moved from Chicago to the Nation’s capital, His Lordship and I jumped at the chance to head down for a visit. We left on Friday afternoon, and immediately put ourselves in vacation mode, knowing that the next 48 hours would be a whirlwind of food, wine, an infant, and a Corgi.

So, let’s wrap it up:

Restaurant Recommendation of the Weekend: Daikaya Izakaya. When discussing restaurants with my best comrade over the phone, I sent him a link to the recently opened Japanese restaurant. “…Is that a pill? Are we going to a rave?,” he asked. Indeed, the space (and website) leaves one to believe that the chef/owner is on some kind of acid trip. While I can’t assure you that he is not, I can assure you that this is a really fun spot with really great food in. I can also assure you that the “tapas-style plates” are smaller than the norm. Should I go back (which I very well may), I will order food for me. And only me.

All of the food. All for me.

I’m sorry, did you not get that reference? 

A D.C. Must See: The National Arboretum. How I have never been here, I will never know. There’s an herb garden, a bonsai garden, a vegetable garden, and last but not least, the original columns from the Capitol building. Go. Just go. Corgis optional.

Not in Greece.

Not in Greece.

No. of Miles Run: Zero. I completed my long run before we left, leaving me more time to spend with my best friends. Best decision I’ve ever made.

No. of Vine Videos: I’m going to say…. 5? This could be completely inaccurate. My best friend became enamored with Vine after introduction, and our weekend was dubbed as “Vine Absolutely Everything Including My Loafers in the Bathroom.”

That about sums it up. No frills. Just good friends, good food, and good wine.

And a Corgi.


Editor’s Note: My thoughts are with those affected by the recent events at the Navy Yard.


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