Hydration Help.

Yesterday, I completed my first 20 miler of the season.

And yesterday, I went through approximately 3.5 bottles of fluid during said 20 miler.

I’ve long forgotten how much training in the heat and humidity sucks, and as I am a lass who sweats profusely, I’ve also forgotten how much fluid my body loses during a long run. Last week, I had to stop at mile 16 to purchase a Gatorade to ease my exhaustion.

I don't even like this flavor.

I don’t even like this flavor.

Because of that, I dropped a Nuun into my handheld yesterday to see if that would help. Ten miles later, I wish I brought an extra with me.

Any tips on how to keep hydrated during a 20 miler in 90% humidity? Suggestions welcome.


4 responses to “Hydration Help.

  1. In the heat, can you freeze and drop drinks (I know – you are a city runner and I am a rural runner) on your route? I would drop frozen or partially frozen bottles by mailboxes on my route before running.

    • Thanks! Unfortunately, I can’t do that in the city. The Park is loaded with water fountains, which I use to refill. Just looking for more ways to not feel so depleted.

  2. Dude, I feel your pain and had the exact same problem this weekend. Aside from taking multiple Nuun tabs with you, I think stopping to buy a Gatorade if needed is a good idea. Or you could try electrolyte pills (endurolytes). The good news is though, that hopefully there will be more more ridiculously humid long runs coming up! Haha, at least that is what I am hoping… 🙂

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