Wrap It Up: Quick Vacation.

Vacation’s all I ever wanted.

No, seriously.

After being laid up with a sinus infection from hell over the 4th of July holiday, I told His Lordship that we needed to get out of the city for a weekend. Preferably to Fire Island, as it’s a quick trip to and from the city, the beaches are generally less crowded than others, and the bars serve alcoholic concoctions known as “Rocket Fuel.”

So we went.

And it was everything I needed this summer: sleeping on the beach, fish tacos, probably a little too much wine, and a new 5K PR, which will be explained in detail at a later time.

Until next time, Fire Island. I hope to see much more of you next summer.

Happy beach sunset.

Happy beach sunset.


3 responses to “Wrap It Up: Quick Vacation.

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