Saturday’s Long Run And A Shameless Plug.

Previously on The Lewis Report…

There was a sinus infection and another MAF test. While all signs point to improvement, Coach asked me to knock out my long run this weekend with an 8:30 pace whilst wearing my heart rate monitor to “see where I’m at.”

Fueled by wine, dim sum, croquettes and potato chips, I met up with my future brother-in-law. And, because I was on a mission, our satellites could not be found for the first two miles.


We met up with Bojana at mile 3 (who was also fueled by things that you should not feast on before a long run), and made our way down the East side of Manhattan and up the West, where we picked up MC.  Perhaps it was that nagging sinus infection, or the slow MAF test, or the balls of fried ham and cheese potato croquettes. Whatever it was, my legs were working at their best, and my mission was slowly but surely getting accomplished.

The hill at mile 14 may as well have killed me.

The hill at mile 14 may as well have killed me. Oh, and that humidity is a delight.

And now, we’re under yet another heat advisory this week, with temps in the “feels like fucking 1,000 degrees,” just in time for—shameless plug time—the second annual Dizzy Bat Race! Come one, come all, the prizes are a doozy. Also cool, this race has been recently featured in Time Out New York and Blood, Sweat, and Cheers! So come and be apart of our super cool and popular funtivity. I’ll be the one bringing squirt guns to keep contestants cool.

See y’all at the races.


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