MAF Test Part Deux.

As we can recall from my first MAF test, I wasn’t the happiest—I was nearing a 13:00 pace by mile 4 out of 5. Coach assured me that my pace would improve so long as I kept up with my heart rate training. “Trust me,” he said.


This morning, I laced up my new kicks, put on my heart rate monitor and head out to the Park for round two. This time, I set my watch to have a heart rate alert (fancy!). A subtle beep would let me know if I rose above Level 3 (154 bpm).

And so I went… Forever.

I’m exaggerating. But let’s look at the stats:

Round 1

Round 1


Round 2

Round 2


Survey says: an improvement! Although it’s still slow, it’s a full minute faster than my first test last month. And I’m no scientist, but the tiny improvement means I must be doing something right.




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