Update: Sinus Infections & Summer Training.

There really isn’t much to update. This past week’s training was a bust due to a dreadful sinus infection. And, because it’s my blog, I’m allowed to get dramatic—this was the worst sinus infection I’ve had since a snowboarding trip to Lake Tahoe. Also, that was in 2006.

2006 Selfe: I'm actually sicker than shit in this photo and couldn't taste my Guinness.

2006 Selfe: I’m actually sicker than shit in this photo and couldn’t taste my Guinness.

I spent the majority of last week (including America’s birthday) sneezing and coughing alien-like substances out of my lungs. And, as you can imagine, said substances don’t necessarily make for a solid run. However, I got the job done, but only barely, and thankfully, I have friends who don’t mind slowing down while I hack and cough and sneeze and snotrocket.

Now that we’ve started a new week and I’ve finished my Z-pack, more fall training awaits. I suspect this week isn’t going to be as great as I hope it will be, considering I’m still coughing up miscellaneous items and the weather isn’t shaping up to be very tolerable.

But I got some sweet new kicks, which should keep me somewhat happy while I traipse through Central Park in my puddles of sweat.



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