Family Time and Fall Training.

This past weekend was a big one, including much quality time with family (including His Lordship’s Mother and Stepfather, who flew in as a surprise), wedding dress shopping (I ended up chatting with this guy), and generous glasses of wine (and the impending hangovers).

The one thing that didn’t really happen was the running (see: generous glasses of wine/impending hangovers). And as I’m starting to ease into fall marathon training, I’ll be putting myself in the pain box this week and nailing every workout. Or at least attempting to. (Good thing we’ve decided to reach the “Feels Like 100˚F” mark in Manhattan. Dumb.)

Huge thanks to my family, friends, and my new extended family, for making this weekend a grand occasion. I’m quite excited (albeit, my liver is nervous) for the continuing celebration His Lordship and I are already embarking on.

So attractive.

So attractive. Photo by Erica Sara.


4 responses to “Family Time and Fall Training.

    • Hollis! Dress shopping was… overwhelming to say the least. And honestly, I had no idea who Randy was since I don’t watch that show! But it was cool to see them filming. 🙂

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