On The 2013 Boston Marathon.

Yesterday, thousands awoke to Marathon Monday, and friends, family, and members of the running community far and wide tracked and watched with glee as runners crossed the start line in Hopkinton and made their way to that famous left turn onto Boylston.

2012 Boston Marathon: Happy times at Mile 24.

2012 Boston Marathon: Happy times at Mile 24.

Us runners run for a multitude of reasons, including and not limited to a wide range of charities and organizations, running for lost loved ones, or running for people who cannot run. I’m very blessed to be apart of such a wonderful community.

Our Runner Army banded together as one yesterday afternoon with pain, sorrow, and anguish. My heart is very heavy for all those who endured tragedy at the finish line of one of the world’s most coveted races. Racing, whether it be a 5K or a marathon, are times of great happiness and inspiration, and should not be lived in fear.

We will march forward. And we will get to the finish line fearlessly.

Thank you to everyone who contacted with kind words and well wishes. I’m incredibly blessed and thankful that my friends who ran and cheered yesterday crossed the finish line or made it out of harms way.


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