We’re all aware of the “arctic chill” that happened all over the country last week, right?


Even so, I cannot express enough that, MOTHER OF GOD, it’s cold in New York City. In fact, last week was the coldest week in New York since 1996. That was 17 years ago, when I was 11 and living in the comfort of the South where snow rarely happened and “cold” days were highs of 45 degrees. Now, my comfort has turned to warm sweatpants in hopes that temperatures do not read single digits when I’m heading out to work in the morning.

Currently, we are 10 weeks out from the Connemarathon. And currently, we are not long distance running due to these EXTREEEEEEEEEME temperatures that give me hives when I go from sharp cold to hot shower temps (seriously, it happens and it blows).

In fact, my training was less than subpar this week. I ran long on Monday, did a yoga workout at home on Tuesday, and then performed absolutely jack shit until yesterday, where my 14 mile run turned into slow and sluggish eight miles after the ice had melted. This does not a training plan make.

I’m curious to know, what do people do when miles need to be run in frigid temperatures? I’m not a treadmill person. So much so, in fact, that I start having a panic attack after one mile. I also find it silly to be running in icy conditions. Who wants to twist their ankle a month out from a half marathon?

So, any advice would be much appreciated. Especially since those temps are returning next weekend, and I know Madame Walsh doesn’t want to experience and cold and complaining Abbe Lew.

Perhaps I'll take up snowshoeing like these folks.

Perhaps I’ll take up snowshoeing like these folks.


3 responses to “EXTREEEEEEEEEEME Weather.

  1. I’m a warm person so as long as I push myself to start I’ve been okay in the (extreme!) cold. (This means I seriously struggle with summer running, so there’s a downside!) The ice was only an issue Saturday, so I pushed my run to today. If it is icy, I’d say wait until 12pm or 1pm because the sun is its strongest, and therefore will reveal or melt ice. If I can’t get a run in, I do plyometrics, kettlebells etc to get a “cardio” workout in.

  2. I resolved never to do a spring marathon again, unless it’s Boston 🙂

    Seriously though, biking or swimming just to get the cardio in, then some strength exercises. Those Biggest Loser contestants run a marathon without logging in much mileage, so those strength building exercises must help.

  3. yikes, I didn’t know you got hives in these conditions! That sucks, man. Luckily it’s going to warm up this week so hopefully you can get your long run in without any ice/snow issues! If it is super duper icy, I will resort to the treadmill or do spinning if I have gym access… other than that it’s all about being flexible with winter training, I think. You’ll be fiiinnneee 🙂

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