On Resolutions.

I’m not a resolution-maker. Wait, I’m not a good resolution-maker. It’s like saying I’m a good Catholic during Lent (which I’m not). No, I tend to steer away from these for it feels like a giant letdown come year’s end. A nay-sayer I may be, but at least I’m being honest with myself—resolutions do not work for me.

For example, last year’s resolution was to send each of my friends a birthday card on his/her birthday. Only half of my friends (if that) received them. Apologies if you weren’t one of the lucky ones who did. However, if you heard a loud “CRAP!” on your special day, that was probably me shouting in my cubicle (or somewhere else), cursing the air, and then wishing you a happy birthday via social media platforms.

So for 2013, I’ll work with goals—something I can work toward throughout the year and, fingers crossed, achieve them by December 31.

During my monumental hangover on January 1 (typical), I started writing down the goals I’d like to achieve this year. Don’t worry, I won’t go into detail. Many of them have to do with me personally, like directing more of my time to family and friends. Skyping, writing letters (WHAT IS THAT?!), phone conversations. I know I have a certain someone in Chicago who is *thrilled* to hear that I will be calling her more often.

Less stress and anxiety. Sweet Christ, I’ll rent out a bar on New Year’s Eve should I accomplish this feat. Stress controlled much of me in 2012 , so much so that I found myself in an IBS rut throughout much of the summer and half of fall. I’m determined to let things go. Should anyone have any tips, shoot them over. Right now I’m only doing things like yoga and drinking a nice glass of Bourbon.

On the running front, I hope to achieve sub-1:40 half marathon and sub-4:00 marathon goal times, the latter of which will most likely happen in the fall as the hilly Ireland terrain scares the crap out of me. Time to get back into serious training mode to make that first one a reality next month (crap, it’s almost February).

So. There we have it. A goal list.

Happy New Year, all. May your resolutions and goals bring you much joy in 2013.


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