Wrap It Up: Welcome To NYC.

We could also give this blog post a secondary title called, “How To Be A Tourist In Your Own Town”.

Yeah, I did that. And truthfully, I loved it.

Before my trio of friends arrived, I had several discussions about the weekend’s plans that included Times Square, the World Trade Center Memorial, and Rockefeller Center—all things that I would not find myself doing on a “normal” weekend at home. The definition of a “normal” weekend in Manhattan for me involves running, grocery shopping, perhaps seeing some friends, or perhaps going out to a bar. So, with last weekend’s itinerary being chock a block full of things that I maybe do once a year—one of which I do on Christmas morning (I’ll let you guess which one… those … seven readers I have..)—I got a bit excited, as my friends who have never visited the city gave me the chance to partake in some of these activities.

Sometimes, we folk in Manhattan need to take a look around and see how lucky we are to live in a place with such glitz, glamour, and history. I’m very fortunate to be apart of the grandeur, and I have my friends to immensely thank for reminding me of that.

Without further ado, it’s time to wrap it up.

Number of Christmas Trees Visited:  15. Give or take, anyway. One of those was the Rock Center tree (which I went to twice—one included a surprise proposal on the Rock Center Rink), one at the New York Palace, one at the Bloomberg building, and at least a dozen on Park Avenue (I realize that’s a cop-out, but we did go to the Park Ave. tree lighting the weekend prior). There were probably more in the restaurants/bars we frequented.

My favorite at Bloomberg.

My favorite at Bloomberg.

Number of Times Square Visits: 2. One for sightseeing, and one for visiting the glorious news team of Good Morning America. Hey, Sam Champion, thanks for coming outside to report the weather for us. We appreciated your enthusiasm at 8:00 in the morning.

Yes, we DVR'd it.

Yes, we DVR’d it.

Number of Miles Run: 16 and change. Ten were run before Adam and Kristin arrived. On Sunday, Katie and I ran the four mile loop together, and caught up over life events doing so. The weather was misty and slightly warm, which made for near perfect conditions. It did not, however, make for perfect conditions for nacho consumption. We should have run at least six more miles after that. The other two miles… were to shake out a hangover.

Number of Restaurants/Bars Frequented: 11. One in a church, one with suits after work, one in a basement, one in Soho, one in Times Square, one with the Sons of the Revolution, one with some near-naked bar dancers, one with guacamole, one with all-you-can-eat rib specials, one in the Lipstick building, and one in Bloomingdales. Pretty solid for three and a half days.

Roommates. Once upon a time.

Roommates. Once upon a time.

Number of Naps: 1. All while two of us silent cheered for the Redskins followed by the Giants. Side note: you can still get yelled at for silent cheering. (And no, it wasn’t by the person who was sleeping.)

As far as ‘To Do’ lists go, I think we nailed it.

New York, I love you. Thank you for all you have to offer.

And to my visiting friends, I love you too. Let’s start making a new list and checking it twice.

Until next year’s trip.. Which may or may not include the New York City Marathon.


2 responses to “Wrap It Up: Welcome To NYC.

  1. I love all the touristy stuff in the city! I always thinks, “One day I”m not going to live here, and it would be a shame to have not done all those things I SHOULD do in NYC.” Which means I should get to the Met sooner rather than later…

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