Wrap It Up: Carolina.

Oh, North Carolina, I’ve missed you so. It’s been a solid nine months since I’ve visited the Triangle, and seeing as how half of my friends have birthed children over the last six weeks, I decided it was prime time to get down to the South.

We came. We ate. We played with babies. We conquered.

Let’s wrap it up.

Must Visit While I’m Home: The Pit. The maintenance work on our flight had us landing around lunchtime, so we drove there the minute we landed. And it was just as glorious as ever. And because I am always trying something new when I visit, I opted for the barbecue chicken. Even though Ed Mitchell has left the building, the food is still outstanding.

So tender.

So tender.

Number of Miles Run: 5.18. His Lordship and I arose on Saturday and hit the pavement with the intention of running to meet my Father at a local car show. We quickly discovered that the neighborhood I grew up in is like running up and down mountains. These roads were more fun to drive on in high school when I could whip around corners and pick up ridiculous speed while plowing down a hill with 85% grade. We also got lost in the neighborhood across the street from my parent’s, and picked up an extra mile doing so.

No, it's not so bad. But it's worse than Central Park.

No, it’s not so bad. But it’s worse than Central Park.

Number of Babies: 5. Two toddlers and three newborns to be exact. Or as His Lordship stated, “fresh ones”. My Mother and I hosted a gathering for all of my friends where we encouraged those with children to bring them, and with the exception of one baby due to a cold (we missed you, Mason!), it was a success. Wing dip and babies makes for a glorious Saturday afternoon. (Although, my stomach was a bit irritated with me for making the poor decision of only eating wing dip for dinner.)

Baby #1: Steven!

Baby #1: Steven!

Baby #2: Ward!

Baby #2: Ward!

Baby #3: Lila Grace!

Baby #3: Lila Grace!

It's a good thing we have a minister in our group of friends to marry you two.

It’s a good thing we have a minister in our group of friends to marry you two.

So, that sums it up. And now we’ve returned to an unseasonably warm New York City. And that makes for a great week of running. Let the base training continue.


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