The Weather Outside Is…Weather.

Four days ago, my lovely friend Eissa hosted a donation run in lieu of the marathon. We brought bags of canned goods, cleaning supplies, blankets, and clothing to the Upper West Side and ran through Central Park—those final miles in the marathon—cheering (and giving much needed power arches) those who traveled far and wide, and the positive energy was infectious.


Two days ago, I met Claire who was taking more blankets to Brooklyn to be donated to those still without heat in the Rockaways and State Island. I gave her a trash bag filled to the brim, and we chatted about the possibility of the next storm and how bad it could get.

Yes, just one week after Hurricane Sandy blew in and shit all over the tri-state area, the weather gods blessed us with a nor’easter, bringing high winds, a lot of snow, and bone-chilling temperatures.

Many are already without heat, hot water, and electricity. I overheard on the radio this morning that there was 8 inches of snow in Central Park, 8 in Staten Island, and a statement by ConEdison proclaiming that those without power “shouldn’t get their hopes up” in theirs being restored over the coming weekend. Not good. And while the weather is supposedly getting warmer this weekend, we are still very much in cleanup mode.

There is still much to be done to help those in need. If you’re interested in helping, the has a round-up of several ways to donate and volunteer. Not in the area? Donate money to the American Red Cross, City Harvest, or Citymeals-on-Wheels. Or purchase one of these baller shirts by a local Brooklyn artist who’s studio was damaged.

Every bit helps. I implore all of you to help if you can.


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