Ravioli with Prosciutto/Ricotta/Orange Chile Pepper.

Recently, His Lordship and I purchased a pepper plant—nay, an orange chile pepper plant. They’re cute, (and orange!!), and not as spicy as a Bird’s eye chile or jalapeño. No, like the tale of the three bears, as far as this pepper performs on the Scoville scale for me, it’s just right.

Pretty little maids, all in a row.

Also, we’re back to marathon training in the household (not I—remember, I’m not running a fall marathon). Ergo, carb loading must be had.

I decided to incorporate the aforementioned pepper into a ravioli filling with ricotta cheese and diced up prosciutto. And, because I’m of the lazy breed and don’t spend a lot of time making my own pasta dough like my lovely and talented friend, I used wonton wrappers.

And it quickly became known as His Lordship’s “favorite meal as of late”.

So, there we have it. Carb it up, marathoners! You’re on the home stretch.

Ravioli with Prosciutto/Ricotta/Orange Chile Pepper
Serves 4-6

16 oz. fresh ricotta cheese
6 oz. thinly sliced prosciutto, diced
1 orange chile pepper, seeds removed and diced (or keep the seeds in if you like it on the spicy side)
1 package refrigerated wonton wrappers
salt & pepper
butter, for serving

1. In a mixing bowl, combine ricotta, prosciutto, and pepper. Season with salt and pepper.
2. Heat a large pot of salted water to boil (make sure it’s not rolling boil for the delicate wontons may break apart).
3. Meanwhile, assemble the ravioli: Working in batches, lay out wonton wrappers, and place 1 oz. filling slightly off-center of the middle of wrapper. Wet fingertip with water, and run along entire edge of wonton. Fold in half and seal edges shut (the water acts as a glue). Your wonton should be in the shape of a triangle. (Is it? Or did you perform some kind of weird origami crap? Start over.)

Pillows of deliciousness.

4. Again, working in batches, drop 6-8 raviolis in water, and cook for 6-7 minutes or until al dente. Transfer to a bowl, and toss with a pat of butter. Season with freshly cracked black pepper and serve!


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