Wrap It Up: Weekend In NoVA.

Scenic Northern Virginia makes for a lovely backdrop.

So, it’s Monday. Columbus Day, in fact. And some of us are actually in the office today while others enjoy playtime with cats and run 18 miles. Which sounds ideal after spending a fun, booze-filled weekend with family for a wedding. Good thing I’m not doing that..

So let’s wrap it up, shall we?

Number of Restaurants Owned: 5. I say ‘owned’ simply because the Baker clan owns everything everywhere, all the time. And yes, one of these was the hotel bar/restaurant. Did I mention this was a wedding?

Go-To when you’re waiting for your train at Union Station: The Dubliner. His Lordship and I always strategically position our train ride after a leisurely lunch at this Irish hangout in downtown D.C. We were joined by my best friend and his girlfriend and our lunch was so delightful that we quite literally ran to the train. Thank Christ it was a few minutes delayed.

Number of Glasses of Sauvignon Blanc Consumed: Again, this was a wedding. Do I need to put the words ‘eleventy billion’ in here?

Number of Balls Busted: I’ll go with 16. Six brothers plus the groomsmen, multiplied by two. And as Jeff was the brother getting married, his balls got busted more than once. And as His Lordship is the oldest of the six, his balls got busted the most. That’s what happens when you’re, erm, confident.

Number of Miles Run: 4.5 on the Washington and Old Dominion Trail. Miraculously, this was the morning after the Rehearsal Dinner, which I find pretty respectful as I went home with the hiccups at approximately 10:30 p.m.

Another successful family weekend, and a beautiful wedding to boot. Huge congratulations to Jeff and Ali on their big day! I wish you all the happiness in all the land.


One response to “Wrap It Up: Weekend In NoVA.

  1. aww, fun weekend! AND, I can’t believe Baker has six brothers and I didn’t know that already. That’s nuts. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🙂

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