Recap: NYRR 5th Avenue Mile.

The 5th Avenue Mile is quite simple: 1 straight-shot mile down 5th Avenue (shocking!) from 80th Street to 60th Street. That’s it. No fuss, no muss. Now, let it be known that I have never performed a mile race since my freshman year of high school, nor have I ever performed a set of 1600’s in a speed workout.

So, in short, I’d like to discuss the things I’ve learned from a Mile Race:

1. I get more nervous for a 1 mile race than I do for a marathon. Sad, but true. I endured tummy trauma the day before leading all the way up to mere minutes before the race itself. Why? There’s no pacing, it’s just balls-out from the get go. Right?

2. It is not balls-out from the get go. Abbe Lew, when will you learn? You’re never supposed to go out too fast. But I did it anyway, which led me to nearly pulling over ¼ mile in to dry heave/vomit/DNF. But I didn’t. Because it’s a mile. And my first DNF will not be for a mile race. So, next time, set into a good pace and wait until that last ¼-½ to gun it.

3. Do not use headphones. Now, I didn’t use any, for it’s a mile race at whatever fast pace you can muster. But I did manage to see several individuals running with headphones. Hey friends, those killer beatz of yours are messing up your stride. Save the headphones for after the fact (like when you want to drown out the LMFAO from the NY Cheer section).

4. Cheer for your friends when your wave is done. The race corrals were done according to age group, so when I was finished (approximately 9:02), I found His Lordship and took over the cheer station. I had other female friends running in a 9:25 wave, followed by His Lordship’s wave starting at 9:40. It seems like a long time. I promise you, it’s not. The mile race finishes just as quickly as it started.

Cheer squad extraordinaire.

5. Find the NYPD Beekeeper. This has nothing to do with the race. This has to do with the post-race Farmers’ Market trip where we among the concord grape bee swarm. Those bees love those grapes so much, that they stung His Lordship, forcing us to leave only with two tomatoes and a jar of chutney. No herbs. No apples. Someone find the NYPD Beekeeper to bid those effing bees adieu.

After the bowel issues and my near bout of dry heaving, I managed to bang out a 6:38. I accomplished my goal of sub-7:00, and am thrilled.

I’ll be back next year, I’m sure. And hopefully I’ll take my words of wisdom with me to race day. And hopefully by then, someone will have found the NYPD beekeeper and will get me his autograph.


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