So Long, Summer.

Summer, it’s been real. You had your highs and lows, and the temps really weren’t as bad as they have been the past couple of years.

But now it’s time to say goodbye as my favorite time of year rolls in. A glorious time of leaves changing, crisp air, football, and that little thing that we call “my birthday”. Which certainly helps making the running long distances much more appealing.

Also, it’s eating season. To celebrate the start of fall (which starts tomorrow at approximately 10:49 a.m.), I ate a salad of sliced heirloom tomatoes, chopped up kalathaki cheese, fleur de sel, cracked black pepper, and olive oil over thick toasted slices of country bread for dinner last night. Tomatoes are probably the only thing I will miss about summer time.

So, what’s in store for fall? Food, friends, and travel for the most part.

Oh, and that pesky 5th Avenue Mile tomorrow. Which I hear is a fun race, although I’m a bit nervous to see what happens as I’ve never even attempted a mile repeat before.

Until then, let’s all raise a glass to summer and bid it adieu.

Autumn, I’ll see you tomorrow. And I so look forward to it.


3 responses to “So Long, Summer.

  1. Hooray fall! So excited to not be sweating every moment of life. In other news, the Fifth Avenue Mile is REALLY fun! I promise. Although when I ran it, I had a smoker’s cough for three days since I hadn’t run that fast since high school…

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