Tah Dah! I’m Going To Ireland.

Well, it’s official. I signed up for the 2013 Connemarathon in Galway, Ireland.

No, this isn’t some random act, nor am I looking to do the most ridiculous course ever, nor am I going on some quest for family members (although I’m sure my Mother would say otherwise…). I’m partaking in this marathon with pride, dignity and fellow friends for the camaraderie/funtivities (and the copious glasses of Guinness at the finish).

And as I’m not racing any fall marathons, I’m anxiously awaiting spring training. So, weather gods, bring on the snow/wet muck, and friends, join me in glorious hill training, for the Connemarathon course proves to be—as my Father would say—a “beaut”.

Three courses: Half, Full, and Dumb (I’m looking at you, Walsh)

I will say this—this is the prettiest course map I’ve ever seen with it’s blue lakes/rivers, majestic mountains, and quotation bubbles for starts.

Thanks for jabbing that nice incline in the last 5K, jerk.

Oh, who am I kidding, this will be challenging fun!

Get excited, self (and Ireland). It’s about to get real.

Also, I know that course map is from 2008, but really? The start time is at 10:30? Sweet Jesus, that’s glorious news for my jet lag.


7 responses to “Tah Dah! I’m Going To Ireland.

  1. That will be SO fun! I was thinking of doing the Dublin Marathon in October, thanks to the cheap flight deals Jocelyn mentioned…

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