Lessons in NYC Staycationing.

Last week/weekend, visitors arrived in the City so nice we named it twice, which means His Lordship and I get to do things we quite possibly wouldn’t do on any given weekend. Ergo, we staycationed with our friends from North Carolina and Maryland. I learned a lot during this weekend, and my bank account clearly shows I had fun (whoops).

So, let’s talk about a few tips and lessons I learned in this month’s staycation.

1. Sometimes hole in the wall tequila joints are fun—just be prepared to eat poorly and feel like death the following morning. Really, this is more of a mental note to make for myself and Claire, as we picked said tequila joint after running 6 mile on the West Side Highway. The following morning wasn’t the greatest on account of aforementioned tequila, and nachos resembling something a dog would eat. (Although I SWEAR they were brilliant at the time.)

2. Always, ALWAYS pregame before a Yankees game. Sure, we may be going back to freshman year of college with the pregaming-before-a-club-bit, but when you’re dealing with $10 4-oz. pours of wine, pregaming is necessary for both yourself and your wallet. And as my friend Justin quickly stated upon purchasing his first beer, “Oh, good. It’s $12 beer night.” Correct, friend, we are definitely not in Raleigh anymore.

$10 well spent. Also, look at the blonde boy in the background.

The lovely Laci and I. Complete with foam finger.

3. Your visiting friends will, no doubt, enjoy Central Park. And sometimes run with you. We had a fantastic turnout at this year’s Run For Bruce (thanks to all who came out!), and three of our visiting friends participated. I also know that when I have friends who like to be active and outdoors, running through Central Park is a great way to see many NYC attractions (the Met, Guggenheim, and Natural History museums can all be seen whilst running). So, my fellow runner comrades, don’t encourage your friends on a jaunt—they’ll probably thank you later (the flip side is that they curse you for making them do physical activity on their vacation).

4. It’s okay to eat approximately nine avocados in a two day time span. Really, it is. And it soaks up alcohol (or so I’ve been told). And, if you’re looking for some good guac, I suggest you head to Mad Dog & Beans in the Financial District.

5. Ladies, your large and expensive purses are grand for holding water bottles. And this comes in handy with all the walking (and running) and debaucherous events. That’s all.

So, there we  have it. Lots of lessons learned during a fabulous weekend with friends.

Detoxing commence to start.


3 responses to “Lessons in NYC Staycationing.

  1. Abs! Justin and I had a lovely weekend with you, Chris, and your friends! I learned a few lessons too. 1) never be surprised when your flight gets canceled, especially if you’re the last flight out; 2) No need to eat at Grimaldi’s- Ignazio’s Pizza in Brooklyn is AMAZING! Best damn meatballs of my life. 3) Morning coffee/breakfast vendors may change locations! No need to fret, they are all cheap, quick, and fab coffee. 4). Thank goodness for great friends 🙂 They make vacations that much more memorable!

  2. haha! I love when visitors come to town because it gives a perfect excuse to do fun stuff you normally wouldn’t do. I’m not even sure I’ll make it to a Yankee game this year and am so bummed! And, tis the season for avocados/guac. Can’t get enough!!

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