Checked Out.

Since the Mini, I’ve checked out mentally on the running front. Scratch that. On all fronts that are non-work related. So much so, that last weekend I didn’t check my email, social media platforms, nor did I really know where my phone was most of the time (sincere apologies for any late missed texts/phone calls). My focus simply became, ‘do nothing’—reading, sitting, drinking a beer, running only when I wanted to. Do. Nothing.

It was awesome.

Alas, it’s over, and this week, I’ve been training and mentally preparing myself for Sunday’s 5K. This is my first (some might say I bought the horse before the cart on that one), and it ends at the NY Giants end zone. Glorious. Although my running has been a little skewed this week due to the extreme heat, I had a delightful tempo run on Monday to keep my legs in check.

The very next day, I received an email from NYRR explaining where to pick up my bib for Saturday’s Gay Pride 5-Miler. Hold the phone—I didn’t sign up for that race… Did I? I remember wanting to for quite some time. And due to the extreme popularity of the race, it quickly sold out. I told His Lordship that perhaps Road Runners made a mistake and sent out a mass email. Why would I sign up for two races two days in a row?

Then we searched my email.

Oh, look at that.


Perhaps I’m still not really with it. So, I guess I’ll see y’all this weekend at the races. And with this 100-degree heat, there better be popsicles.


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