Whoops. I lied.

Remember that time I said I was going to do whatever I felt like doing and run whenever I felt like running?

Well, I forgot about this little 10K that I signed up for. So, in essence, I seemed to have lied with that statement.

The NYRR Mini 10K was the first race I ever signed up for back in 2010, and my compadre, Katie, joined me for the adventure.

Ah, to be young. Also, WTF am I wearing?

I ran the race it in 57:45, with an average pace of 9:18. I remember being elated immediately after, for that was the longest distance I had run without walking, and we promptly celebrated with pulled pork at the Big Apple BBQ.

6.2 miles = copious amounts of beer and ‘cue. Or so I heard.

A full year later, I was coming out of an injury, but still hoped to do well since I had a half marathon under my belt. I finished in 59:06 (9:38 pace), and looked like I just showered with that lovely 150% humidity that loomed over race morning.

This brings us to now. I told His Lordship awhile ago that I wanted to “PR the shit out of this race.” Looking back at that statement, I don’t know what that means, exactly, since I’ve been taking it easy since my spring marathon/relay adventures. I tested the waters last night with some speed work in Central Park, and a mission to charge the Harlem Hills as best I could.

I forgot how much hill work sucked. And how nutrition plays a role in your performance. And the importance of added strength training. I came home feeling exhausted and ravenous, and regardless of the sucky things mentioned before, happy that I had put in the work. After all, you gotta pay to play.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of my female friends this Saturday morning, and hope to have an enjoyable race. Cheers, ladies! See you at the races.

5 responses to “Whoops. I lied.

  1. Wowwww Abbe, I didn’t know you started running so recently! That’s insane. You will totally PR the shit out of this race! And it’ll be fun regardless, I love the Mini! Hope to see you at the start!!

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