Wrap It Up: West Palm.

Greetings from West Palm Beach! His Lordship and I spent a wonderful weekend away to celebrate a fabulous wedding with family and friends (congrats, Pat and Ali!).

No, we did not run. GASP. Of course we didn’t! This is vacay, people!

The only physical activity we did: walking over a bridge to dinner.

So then what did we do? It’s simple, really: Enjoyed quality time with family, sat on the beach (oh yes, I’m fried), ate seafood and other fried things, and drank a multitudinous amount of wine. Also, we slept. I slept in until 9:00 for the first time in many, many moons. And it was GLORIOUS. Also also, we saw Bob Saget. What up, Danny Tanner?!

We also lifted beverages.

And that’s it. No restaurant recommendations, no long detailed blog post of my weekend. Just photos of sunshine and family.

Awaiting the bride and groom. Also, sorry for cutting your face off, Phil.

Our view every single day.

Cause sometimes, that’s the equation for a wonderful weekend.

Happy Mother’s day to Momma Lew, and everyone of my amazing mother friends. You truly deserve a wonderful day celebrating YOU.


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