It’s Race Week.

I’m not sure if you know this, but it’s Race Week. Well, you probably did know that because that’s the title of this post. Brilliant.

In any event, Race Week (in my mind) is a week where every single happening has some deep and meaningful explanation behind it. Erego, If I were to start my week on a sour note, it could lead to a very stressful weekend race.

I spilled coffee in my lap first thing Monday morning. At work. In my cubicle. I immediately thought it would turn my entire week into a nightmare.


Other fun things on Monday? I awoke to the following weather forecast:

Please note the forecast for Saturday.

What the $h*t is that? Thunderstorms?! REALLY?! I expressed my concerns to Claire who quickly backfired with, “Maybe you’ll be struck by lightning and get super powers like Alex Mack or something.”

Well played, friend.

Then I saw the lovely Monday Mantra that ES posts every week. And my mood shifted.

I realized it was time to take a step back and collect myself for a minute. Chill out, Abbe Lew, this week is what you make of it. So there’s coffee in your lap? Clean it up. Also, do you remember that you spilled coffee on yourself last Friday because you didn’t screw the lid on tight enough? Perhaps it’s time to learn from your mistakes, hm?

Our bib numbers have also been distributed. This is the first time my bib has contained 4 numbers (instead of 5) in any half or full marathon. ALL THINGS POSITIVE IN THAT SENTENCE.

Also exciting, I get to spend time with one of my best friends this weekend and that puts the biggest (and probably goofiest) smile on my face. AND OUR FAMILIES WILL BE THERE. CHEER SQUAD. BOOM.

Methinks it’s time to take all of my nerves and shove them in the back of my closet this week. It’s time to get excited. Excited for all of those things listed above. Let’s do this, legs. Let’s go to Kentucky and run a GD marathon.


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