Greetings From Sunny Taper Town.

Sunny? Incorrect. It’s filled with gloom, rain clouds, and emoticons with frowny-face expressions.

My first visit to Taper Town included longings for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and Maker’s Mark. Although some things haven’t changed (ahem, I haven’t had any Maker’s since January 1), this go-round is slightly different than the last.

And here’s why:

1. I’ve done this before. Well, duh, Abbe Lew. Before you stop reading, let me explain. My first visit included the unknown as it was my first Marathon. This time, I’ve started analyzing my game plan and how NOT to screw my hip into an injury at mile 13. I’ve also thought about racing against my time, as I only ran it last time (well, barely). This time I want to race it. Or do I? I don’t know. Thus brings me to..

2. I’m wish-washy. Hm? What? You want to know what my plans are after work? I’m going for an easy 6 mile jaunt through Central Park. Or maybe the East River Path. Or maybe the West Side Highway. Whatever works. You want to meet me? No, you probably don’t. I won’t decide where I’m going until I leave my apartment and that will probably include me turning around twice and grunting about not making up my mind. You still want to go with me? Are you sure? Cause it’s not just with running, it’s with all facets of life. You want to hang with me afterward for dinner? Well I don’t know what I’m making. GASP, I know. I normally have mapped out cooking and meals and weekend plans for weeks. Not so as of late. Sorry friend, can you make decisions for me for the next eight days? K, thanks.

3. I’m loving rest days. Well this one’s new, as I normally get restless (look at the pun!) without some kind of activity. I don’t have to run or spin? Or do core (did I really do that much core to begin with?)? Stellar. Astor, let’s play.


4. I can’t stop eating chocolate. This one’s also new. I know a lot of you love eating chocolate and 16 Handles and cupcakes. I overdosed on that when I was a kid—SERIOUSLY. I even got a nickname out of it from my parents who so delightfully call me “Judy Junky” because I divulged in sweets of all kinds. Hang on a second readers—my parents are wonderful parents and did not force feed me sweets when I was a child. I simply snuck them into the grocery cart. It’s not stealing, I swear. It’s…MAGIC. (Also my friends who are becoming parents, watch out for that trick around the age of 4-5. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.) But back to my necessity for candy. I need it everyday. So much so, in fact, that I have to have Oreos before bed. Also, Oreos before a seven course dinner. ALL THINGS OREOS. OREOS ALL THE TIME. I’m going to take best friend Danielle’s advice in taking a glass, filling it with Oreos, and covering it with milk. Aka, the “Poor Man’s Milkshake.” It sounds delightful. I’d like three right now.

I love you Mama. No, I'm not secretly hiding candy under my pretty dress.

So as I have nine eight days until the Kentucky Derby Marathon, I’m sure I’ll find some other fun things to do in Taper Town. For now, you can find me at home or in the office being indecisive with a mouth full of Rolos.

One response to “Greetings From Sunny Taper Town.

  1. Don’t let her fool you; you DO want to meet her for a run, because she has fancy water INFUSED WITH LEMON at her house and she gives it to you after you run and you feel like a celebrity who’s just finished working out in a spa. If spas were populated by homeless people sleeping on benches, as the East River runnig path is.

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