All Aboard! Next Stahp: Bahston.

Ok. I’m not even running the Boston Marathon and I STILL feel like a kid on Christmas morning. Except Christmas morning is today—a Saturday—the day I leave for Boston. It will also be tomorrow—Sunday—the day I go for a lovely run with Maura. And it will also be Sunday—Patriot’s Day—the day of the ACTUAL marathon.

As promised, I awoke at 6:30 on the button (still tired due to allergies, but the Christmas morning feeling overrode that), and quickly made coffee and did any last minute chores before I head out for my last 15-miler of spring training season. And low and behold, who should also be awake this early on a Saturday? My fellow running/jewelry making partner in crime.

Pretty ES Avatar vs. Sexy Ron Burgundy Avatar.

Side note: I have a habit of typing everything in caps locks when I’m overly excited. I will not apologize for this.

Hours later, my long run is completed, my bags are packed, and after a slight delay, I’m on the train playing, “Guess the Capital Game.” Whilst making friendship bracelets.

Tah dah! Sandwiches.

It’s time to get hyped for Boston, where I’ll be cheering loud and proud. Good luck to all runners this weekend and I would tell you to be careful, but I think has done a pretty decent job of that.


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