Dave’s Race Wisdom.

So, this morning is off to a good start. My coffee and kashi was topped off with a lovely conversation with my father, who gave me the following advice:

David:  don’t let your mind screw you up
me:  Thanks Dad, I’ll try not to.
David:  just say nice and positive and not worrying about nothing
me:  Sometimes that’s easier said than done.
David:  yep; I’ve hit the ball into the water the last 4 times on 18; really got me . Every time its right on the edge which is even more pissing me off.
me:  Oh, so you’re saying you’re in your head too and you need to take your own advice?
David:  yep!!

Clearly, my father is talking about golf and not running. Also, he has great grammatical skills in the world of GChat. But at the end of the conversation, we made a bet that neither of us will climb inside of our heads (whether it be in golf or running) and get the anxiety to screw us up. Training season may be nearing its end which only leads me to focus on the mentality of getting to the finish line (yippee, hooray).

I’ll take his words of wisdom with me to Kentucky and focus on keeping my eye on the prize. And hopefully I’ll hear some good news after his trip to the golf course. Cause CLEARLY his performance on the golf course is directly related to my performance in Kentucky.

…..AmIRight? Right.


2 responses to “Dave’s Race Wisdom.

  1. I get golf anxiety too. I only play mini golf, but I get really pissed at myself when I’m not playing well, and then I throw my club and shout obscenities and the parents nearby get pissed. What I’m saying is, don’t swear during the marathon.

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