Fun Fact: I’m Burnt Out.

Throughout every week of training I have learned something about myself. It could be about pushing myself, what mile my ‘wall’ is at, or how to stay hydrated during the long runs.

After yesterday’s miserable 16 mile run my realization was simple: I am in complete burn-out mode.

See? And yes, that is a Ron Burgundy avatar.

I’m done. I’m over training. I’d like to race in Kentucky now. Then I’d like to take a plane to someplace sunny and sit on a beach with an adult beverage in hand.

Figure 8 is my happy place.

But let’s talk about this. I mean, that’s what a blog is for right? Let’s talk about how I know I’m burning out:

1. I prefer to sleep instead of getting up. Most runners are early risers, whether we like it or not. I have always been a morning person, so it’s never affected me. The past two weeks I have wanted to sleep in, even if it’s until 7:30. This is quite late for someone who is normally out of bed at 6:15 (that includes weekends).

2. I make dumb decisions. Last weekend, I PR’d in the Colon Cancer Challenge. I tacked on 15 miles after the race to make my long run for the weekend. I then thought, ‘Self, you will do this next weekend after the Scotland 10k.’

I am also an idiot. No, I will not race the 10k. Why did I even sign up for it in the first place? You can get your 9+1 with other races, Lewis. Focus on Kentucky. Stop making lame decisions. And stop being an idiot.

3. My nutrition is starting to go out the window. Cookies before bedtime? Why thank you, cookie jar! You brighten my night. The last thing I need are oreo cheesecake cookies before bedtime. Sugar makes sense whilst falling asleep.

4. I can’t get out of my head. During last weekend’s 20-miler, I hit my wall at mile 17. I quickly yelled at myself to snap out of it, and away I went. This weekend, it was worse. Every single mile was poised with something new inside my head.

What is that twinge in my lower back? Is my hip going to explode again like it did during Chicago? Stop drinking so much water, you’re not that dehydrated.

I should be going out for my long run and enjoying myself. Instead, I’m finding new excuses to quit.

And thus we begin another week in training. I’m hoping Coach gets me in the pain box to snap me out of it, which also means he needs to be patient should I start crying uncontrollably after a workout (I am such a treat of a girlfriend).

And if anyone has any suggestions on how they cure their burn-out, I’m all ears.

Also, Happy Easter/Passover/Long Weekend. May your day be filled with chocolate and cadbury eggs.


5 responses to “Fun Fact: I’m Burnt Out.

  1. Well my dear, you’ve been training incredibly hard and have come an insanely long way. Burn out sucks… but you should be proud of yourself… and give yourself a break! I know the race is just a few weeks away but maybe you take it a bit easy this week, give yourself the mental & possibly physical rest you need to recharge, and then come back awesome!!! Not that you aren’t awesome now of course 😉 Or we could just drink wine.

  2. I also ate a cookie before bedtime. Although it’s purpose was to soak up some of that excessive alcohol from last night :/

  3. “I’m hoping Coach gets me in the pain box”?? Um, #twss?? Too easy, Lewis!

    Seriously, you have trained rediculously hard for this race, and have some amazing interim PR’s to show for it. Maybe you need a couple of days break to press the reset button on all that intensity. The end is in sight, and I know you’ll do AMAZING.

  4. From what I’ve read your training is going really well- especially seeing as you are hitting PRs. Take it easy. A few days of rest or easy running won’t detract from the hard work you have put in. Sometimes just giving yourself permission to do nothing can feel like a huge burden has been lifted off your shoulders. Everyone suffers burn out sometimes, be kind to yourself and you’ll feel better soon 🙂

  5. Thanks for the lovely comments, everyone. Took yesterday easy with some yoga.

    Methinks I’m going to plan a vacation to someplace where the beer flows like wine. 🙂

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