On Slaying Dinosaurs.

I know what you’re thinking. This is another way to cross-train, right? Well, I guess it could be. But this has nothing to do with running. Or cookery. Or really anything of normalcy. No, this is just how random my brain cells tend to get when chatting with my very best friends. And so the tale begins…

Once upon a time in a group gchat not so far away was a conversation between best friends.

Jason:  I heard that Dave Lewis once killed a dinosaur with a stick, a rock, and some airplane glue.
Abbe:  i think i heard that same story.
then i think after he killed said dinosaur, he cracked open 17 budweisers and drank them all out of a garbage can.
Danielle:  i believe i’ve seen a photo of that somewhere!
Abbe:  can you send me a copy?
Danielle:  why yes………

Completely real.

And thus, a blog was created.

My friends and I tend to think our fathers are awesome and have super powers. So superhuman that they can slay dinosaurs with things like rocks, airplane glue, tennis rackets, and computer hacking skills. No, that’s not your eyes deceiving you. That is a photo of Daddy Lew in his aviators circa 1991 killing a brachiosaurus. Apparently this is what happens when you’ve had too much caffeine and the willpower to create something ridiculous with MS Paint REAL LIFE IMAGES.

Methinks we should bring this back to life as the predicaments are humorous and entertaining (at least for ourselves). I mean, wouldn’t you like to see  a glorious photo of your Dad annihilating a velociraptor with a Katana sword? Thoughts?

Now… where did those old photos with Dave wearing the nun’s costume go to…


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