Thoughts On Cross-Training.

As of late, I have had several conversations about cross-training. More specifically, biking. Oh? Not a fan of getting on a road bike? Or even spinning at a local gym?

I’m not either. You know what I am into? Recovering and not getting injured. I know everyone has their marathon training regimens they swear by and that “research shows blah blah blah…” I have friends who can run upwards of 50-60 miles a week. This is solid work, and I congratulate them as they are true heroes of bad assery. However, this is not the case for my training. For me, it comes down to adapting my body to an endurance level, and doing what my body feels comfortable doing.

Having a coach who is an Ironman has made me enter the world of cross-training every week with yoga and spinning. Yoga gives me ample stretching time after those weekend long runs while spinning releases the acid from my legs, thus making me able to do things like speed work and tempo. It’s just the way it works for me.

I first got on the bike last summer when I was told so ferociously kindly, “DO NOT RUN. HEAL YOUR GROIN. YOU GO BIKE.” So I biked. And coach switched it up. Some days he gave me heart rate drills so I could get in some form of ample speed work, while other days he would have me sitting on the bike for 50-60 minutes to focus on endurance. Sure, my ass hurt. But you know what didn’t? My MF-ing groin, that’s what.

Oh, and I also had a very recent Personal Record consisting of several minutes. You know what I did to recover? I spun.

Yeah, my legs were trashed come Sunday eve. And then there was spinning.

My legs were trashed come Sunday eve. Let there be spinning.

So in conclusion, I encourage those of you who are afraid of the cross-training adventure—the bike, the swim, whatever you choose—to give it a whirl. And feel free to give me your feedback on the matter. Maybe you’ll see a difference in your training and maybe you won’t. But you never know unless you try. Just sayin’…


5 responses to “Thoughts On Cross-Training.

  1. Completely agree with you about crosstraining, and we seem to be on the same wavelength as I just wrote about it too!

  2. totally agree with you! Though I’d almost always rather be running, cross training is kind of a necessary evil for me. I’m actually really starting to like swimming – it’s a great workout and totally different from running, so hopefully it’ll benefit me in the long run… PUN INTENDED. 🙂

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