Repetition, Redundancy, And Really Good Bean Dip.

This post shall also be known as “The First Time I Acquired Negative Splits. And It Wasn’t On Purpose.”

I woke up on Sunday morning to cloudy North Carolina skies, clearly just one more reason for me not to participate in this weekend’s long run. I contemplated my quest over coffee with Dad.

“When are you headed out for your run?”

“…I dunno…Whenever…”

I knew I had to get it done. But I really didn’t want to. I had fun the night before at Kristin’s where she threw a fabulous potluck with all of our girlfriends from college (thanks for hosting!). I also knew that what I ate was not conducive to a long distance run. This did not stop me from happily eating taco dip, bean dip, chicken enchiladas, and spinach/artichoke dip (it appears us ladies like the dipping thing). Don’t worry, I managed to throw in a strawberry… that was heavily dipped (see?) in some kind of yogurt concoction (thanks, Beth). And I made a salad to bring, so I had some form of nutrients that evening.

The Ladies of Garrett Hall.

The Ladies of Garrett Hall.

So. All things considered, I knew this run was not going to go well. But I had a plan. Seven laps of death around a lake pond that sat adjacent to my parents’ neighborhood. Running there and back would give me the full 15.

Looks fun right? Don't worry, it's not.

Looks fun right? Don't worry, it's not.

I left the house a bit faster than expected, so I slowed it down by the time I reached Lake Pine. And there I started my first loop.

“This isn’t so bad. Just think of it as if you’re running around Central Park… Just ⅓ the size… Well that sucks, let’s not think of that.”

Things started to slosh around in my belly. It probably wasn’t a great idea to have that extra glass of wine with Mom when I got home. Oh, well.

Another loop. I realized by my fourth mile that I had stayed pretty consistent in my speed.

That’s good,” I thought. Just keep it up. I knew I had to cut it short due to my lunch plans with the wonderful Daniel and Lauren complete with baby Camden. If I kept a consistent pace for at least 10 miles I would be happy overall.

I made it to my third loop. Things started to feel better internally, and I felt I could keep going longer as planned versus the alternative of stopping after six miles. An older gentleman yelled at me as I was nearing the end of my third loop.

“How many loops have you done?!”

“Three, so far… Redundant, I know!”

He yelled something to me afterward although I had no idea what it was. I was on a deadline. A deadline consisting of repetitive loops. Loops around a small pond next to MacGregor. And it wasn’t pleasant. It was 10:00 AM and groups of women walkers were now out in full force taking up the entire length of the sidewalk. (I’ll give them credit, they heard my feet and quickly moved.) I stopped just after mile 7 to eat my Gu, then charged to finish the remainder of loop three.

Onto loop 4. The sun was coming out and it was turning into a lovely Sunday, not like what the weather had predicted (or at least what Dave Lew told me this morning) of showers.

Then I heard a beep from my Garmin.

Lap 8: 8:25.

Really? (I said this out loud, in fact.) Did I just lose 20 full seconds off of my consistent pace? Well that’s cool. I became curious of what my next lap would be.

Lap 9: 8:35.

Ok, so I eased off a bit. Not so bad. I felt good though, and I had one more lap to do before heading back to prepare for luncheon. I decided to make this final loop count and see what would happen. I was prepared to put myself in the pain box and charge up any hills that came my way.

Lap 10: 8:17.

Shut the front door. And I felt good to boot? What was in that bean dip? Was it propelling me through these miles? I’m no scientist, but I think it’s possible. I was excited to see what mile 11 would be before throwing in the towel.

And there it was: 8:09. For the first time ever I achieved negative splits in a long distance run. I was elated with glee as I stampeded through the front door. “DAD! MOM! NEGATIVE SPLITS!” After I explained what that meant, they too were happy.



So. There we have it. It’s not the full 15 that I set out to do, but I’ll take it. Especially now that I had trouble sleeping due to aches and pains and trashed legs.

Many thanks to Kristin for hosting a lovely potluck, as well as Lauren and Daniel for a post-run lunch.

And special shout-out to Laci who made a bean dip that must have been laden with magical powers, thus making me faster.


One response to “Repetition, Redundancy, And Really Good Bean Dip.

  1. Beans beans, the magical fruit
    the more you eat,
    the more you…
    RUN FAST 🙂
    So happy for your success Abs! Wish I could take the credit for the magical-power beans, but I think it’s all you!! You set a goal, and you achieve! Congrats!
    Love you!

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