And Now, A Trifecta.

First and foremost, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish a very happy birthday to all my friends (including His Lordship) who’s special day falls in the month of February. Let’s be honest, there’s a shit ton of you. I feel like everyday I’m saying, “Happy Birthday” to at least one, if not two of my friends (or brother, or boss). And the month is only halfway over. Good grief, Charlie Brown.

Secondly, it’s time to wrap up a week/weekend of funtivities which included Valentine’s Day, birthdays, more birthdays, and an anniversary to boot—aka the Ultimate Trifecta. So let’s do that, shall we?



Restaurant recommendation of the week that will now be known as “Trifecta Week”: Dévi. Although it was covered in hearts (literally EVERYTHING hearts), Dévi delivered. To celebrate the joint birthday/Valentine’s Day (hence the hearts), Christopher treated himself with the lamb chops, to which he swiftly said, “These are the best lamb chops I’ve ever had.” Meaty, tender, and tasted as if they were marinating in spices for an eternity, the chops were some of the most delicious (and reasonably priced) I’ve tasted in ages. I opted for a vegetarian dish—the Laukee Ke Kofte—zucchini/squash dumplings in a tomato/onion sauce. Spicy, decadent, filling. That is all.  Go to there.

Fun fact of Trifecta Week: Due to Saturday’s intense hangover, I passed out at 9:00 and slept through the night for a solid nine 10 hours. Dreams that were had were intense indeed, including one where I gave a dance performance in a mansion. Also, Liza Minnelli was my instructor/choreographer. It was glorious. I woke up Sunday morning feeling well rested for my long run. However, a sad wave started to flow over me when I realized that I couldn’t remember the choreography from said dream.

Funtivity of Trifecta Week: This is a tough one. Long weekends are meant for funtivities and this was one hell of a weekend. Sunday’s long run was queued up with 15 miles in Central Park with Joe. And they were stellar—nay, BALLER—as we felt awesome and decided to run them faster than normal. My first mile was 7:14 and my second sub-7, how could this NOT turn out well? Overall, 14 miles were run (totally miscalculated my run home) with an average pace of 8:20. Sure, I went out fast, but I don’t care. Those miles put me in a state of glee (as well as soreness and pain) through the remainder of Sunday funday.

Bowling at Lucky Strike may have taken the cake as far as funtivities go. I realized when His Lordship took me on Monday afternoon that I have never been bowling as a Manhattan resident. Quite odd as I love bowling (though I’m not very good at it). No matter, we bowled whilst sipping classy beverages (classy only because they were on the pricier side as it is a tourist trap in Midtown), and enjoying each other’s company.

Right into the gutter.

Number of bars/restaurants attended: 9 including Craftbar, Tortilla Flats (where the remnants from Friday night almost made an appearance), and Cask (which we went to twice and almost a third time, until Amanda Walker-Texas Ranger saw my Foursquare check-in).

So, here’s to a short week. A week filled with rest, minimal amounts of alcohol, and a rest to my bank account.


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