This weekend is going to be a delight. Why? Well, it’s threefold.

A. The third annual Run to City Bakery is tomorrow morning. City Bakery is known for it’s monstrosity that is hot cocoa. I intend to have a nice hot cup of it after the 5 mile jaunt there (and there will be 13 miles total for tomorrow) with my friends. And then not barf (it does tend to be quite rich).

2. The Gridiron Classic is on Sunday. I don’t really intend on racing it as it’s a recovery run for me, but whatever. We’ll see how I feel. And there’s a football throwing contest. Which I fully intend on winning in the ladies’ division. Is there a ladies’ division?

and D. SUPE’S ON! The Giants are back in it after a four year hiatus. All of you Patriot fans can suck it, we’ve got this one. And I say we’ve got this one in the bag simply because Claire’s birthday is on Tuesday and we need to celebrate. Also, Astor will wear his jersey. Also, also. I’m making Eastern Carolina BBQ. Sadly there will be no recipe post, for it is a secret and I hold it near and dear to my heart.


Threefold. Lock and load, weekend. I’m ready for you.


3 responses to “LE WEEKEND.

  1. hahaha your cat is awesome. id end up scratchy and scared in a ball on the floor if i attempted that! are you in pavement runner and runningmama’s superbowl challenge??

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