Crabby Abbe, Vol. 2.

So, once again the last week of training was a wash. I’ve had this wretched cough/cold that has now taken the form of a sinus infection, which indeed made this week so much more difficult.

And now I get the lovely task of going to my physician to say the following:

“Hey, Doc. Since you don’t like me coming into the office ‘prematurely’ to prescribe me with a Z-pack, I did what you have asked me to do. I took Mucinex and sudafed. I drank lots of fluids. And guess what happened? I got a sinus infection. So next time I show up to you with a cold and promise you that if I don’t get prescribed with this magical pack of wonder and that I actually WILL get a sinus infection, would you spare me the lecture? I think I know my body better than you do. Kind regards, Abbe Lew”

I don’t know why my doctor doesn’t believe me when I say that I’m trying to prevent all evil from happening in my lungs. I really don’t. Whatever. I’m glad I got that off my chest.

With that said, I look forward to this week. Yesterday’s camaraderie at the Prediction 4 Miler has set the tone. This week I will make a huge effort in training and put myself in “the pain box,” as His Lordship so lovingly calls it. I will get in a good day of speed work, a faster tempo run, and a long run consisting of 15 fun-filled miles. Seriously.

Hooray! Let's predict how long it will take us to run 4 miles!

And then I’ll have a good 4 mile race on Sunday complete with a football throwing competition to gear myself up for those glorious boys in Giants blue. And yes, I will make my cat wear his jersey (he loves it, I swear).

So as they say, “Onward and upward!” My comeback this training season begins now.


2 responses to “Crabby Abbe, Vol. 2.

  1. Next time give me a call… I’ll get you a Zpack 😉
    Hope you’re on the way to feeling better although the pain box thing doesn’t sound better to me. Excited to see you at Sunday’s race!!!

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