And Now We Run In Snow.

Ah, winter training. You are not my favorite. I don’t know why I’m complaining. This training season is peaches compared to last year with our eleventy billion inches of snow and freezing wind chills.Oh, wait. I know why I’m complaining. Because I had a 13 mile run queued up for Saturday morning. The forecast? Three to six inches of snow. Weeee!
Such a wintry Memorial.

Such a wintry Memorial.

Now let’s back up a bit. On Friday I started to feel a little tickle in the back of my throat… What? Am I about to endure a common cold?


To see if I could go ahead and knock it out of me (yes, I am one of those people who runs/works out to sweat illness out of me), I told His Lordship that I would run my 13 on Friday evening.

Incorrect. I left my apartment to my legs feeling like lead from my stellar tempo run the evening before. Alas, I went back home, stretched and made my pasta dinner to get fired up for Saturday morning.

I woke up on Saturday (with tons of tickles and snot to boot) to fluffy flakes and a press conference from the Mayor Mikey B. Plows were out, and NYC parks were apparently giving out free hot cocoa. I decided to do a different route consisting of the West Side Highway, down to Battery Park finishing up on the East River Path to my apt.

Before I left, Christopher gave me his typical words of wisdom:

“Go slow, watch your footing, and have fun with it!”

No parents, I wasn't the only one running here.

No parents, I wasn't the only one running here. I promise.

Ok. Simple enough. The first five miles was quite enjoyable. The snow was fluffy, the WSH path was cleared, and it wasn’t too cold. I was heating up under my two pairs of pants and three shirts (I may or may not have overdressed). No matter. I was having fun. And people were giving me the thumbs up as I was proudly wearing my Giants toboggan. I stopped and took photos. I watched children have snowball fights. And my snot rockets were something fierce (ES would be so proud). It was like I was ridding myself from the evil sickness. Twas lovely.

Until I started making my way up the East River path. As scenes from Cool Runnings started to enter my mind, I started feeling something stinging my face. I realized that those big, fluffy flakes turned into tiny ice bullets hitting the side of my face. I slowed to a walk and put my hands up to shield myself from the wind and pain. I also noticed that my clothes were now soaked. Good thing I overdressed or I would have been in a world of cold (and probably a bout of pneumonia).

So. What did I learn? Weather happens. Like last summer when I did my tempo in torrential downpour. You either suck it up and deal with it or move yourself indoors to the lovely dreadmill.

Also, toboggans rule. Especially when they are NY Giants toboggans.


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