Spring Training. And I’m In A Rut.

Yesterday’s plan of attack was as follows: Get up, go to Central Park to do half mile repeats, go to work.

It quickly turned into: Sleep in, go to work, go to Central Park to do half mile repeats.

Did I do that? No. Instead I went home, worked on random things and ate leftovers. I thought to myself, ‘No matter! I’ll do a two-a-day tomorrow.’

Which brings me to today: Wake up at 6:00, go to Central Park for that Tuesday speed workout, go to work, go to gym to do heart rate drills on the bike.

Did I do that? No. I slept in again. Which means that I’m smushing that Tuesday speed workout back to back with my Wednesday bike workout. Woof.

Methinks I’m in some kind of training rut. Looking back at last year, there was over a foot of snow on the ground, ice in Central Park and freezing temperatures. And I still got out. I even started making friends. And over the holiday weekend I managed to train in Roanoke, VA while visiting the Deyoung-Millers. So what gives, 2012? Remember, I actually enjoy waking up when it’s still nighttime out to get my run on. Even if it’s a “bad” workout, it still sets me in a fantastic mood for the rest of the day.

All I know is that the rut needs to cease and desist and that I’m going to have a lovely time at the gym tonight (hey, you asked for it, Lewis).

And if anyone else has ever pulled themself out of a training rut, well by all means, suggestions are welcome.

Happy Hump Day, all! And remember, it’s Hot Toddy Day. And that will definitely be had after my smushed training workout this evening.


One response to “Spring Training. And I’m In A Rut.

  1. I totally feel you here. Last night I went to bed early and skipped working out, reasoning that I had to work at 5am this morning to kick off our big launch. But from 6am-8am, I was free – and intended to work out hard to make up for yesterday too. No dice! I laid in bed and surfed the web. Oops.

    Some days, just not feeling it!

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